• Young people (male and female) who stretch out their hands, send messages, communicate, smile and ... share

  • I like Pope Francis' ideas on Nature and the Earth, so I propose images of oceans with creatures, woods, lands, islands and many children of all ethnicities who embrace the globe and dance holding adults by the hand, the old people, looking up into the sky where there is the inscription: “Everybody Brothers”

  • I share the idea ‘ALL BROTHERS or Everybody Brothers

  • I thought of a simple circle (round dance) that can include every people

  • Let's not forget the inclusion with the world of people with handicap (concept of disability)

  • A design that represents the community: from babies in diapers, to young people to adults, to the elderly because it is important that everyone is represented.

  • I would start from the idea of ​​the table surrounded by many different people of different age groups

  • A wall that does not divide but join: a “everyone's friend” wall that is aimed at everyone Being a youthful environment, I would like the mural to be done in bright colors. As an image of union I am reminded of a boat pushed ashore by many people.

  • It’s very important to characterize the design by connecting it to this place > Sacred Heart of Jesus and so therefore to the Father we have in heaven. To honor the Dutch client (Embassy), I thought of an important Dutch artist Rembrandt and his work "The Return of the Prodigal Son" present at the State Hermitage Museum. The work represents the scene of a Jewish father who lost his eyes from crying because of this son who does not return. The son is kneeling at his father's feet, he is shaved to zero like a servant, a slave, he has lost all dignity, he sinks his head on the lap of his father, who embraces him (we see a female and a male hand) 'blessing embrace of this work, I propose that Dutch artists a modern reinterpretation of this image.

  • Usually the walls rise, we want to do the opposite operation because we want to tear down the walls. It occurs to me to use the word SMURALES, that is, we want to scratch that wall to open a breach, inclusion is an opportunity that everyone can seize. I really like a wall as a universal embrace, our neighborhood is multi-ethnic. Now we really miss the embrace because we had to give up because of the pandemic.

  • A human pyramid that only survive if everyone works together