The “NOI scgtorino APS” with «THE WALL OF INCLUSION» project aims to involve mostly boys and girls in a dynamic and creative move, to involve in thoughts and an awareness against every racism, intolerance and discrimination.

The name «THE WALL OF INCLUSION» is the wish to make through this project a work that is a lasting testimony of social cohesion. The church where our association works has got an important charitable service for the city, therefore joining the contribution of the youths with other population, gathering a social cohesion in multi-ethnic San Salvario district. Therefore the work aims the younger (Gruppo Giovani) together with the elderly (Gruppo Senior), with the migrants, the excluded and the voluntaries of the soup kitchen (Mensa Parrocchiale).

Through workshops is finally possible to turn the younger into the protagonist of the project, led by professionals, to turn an important work to the district where it is placed.

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The work is a graffiti, which is placed inside a private courtyard but it faces to a road where all the people who go to the near offices: a Nursing Sciences university centre, and “La Stampa”, the most important city newspaper, and its Museum. As a consequence the work involves not only the visitors of Oratory and Charity Service of the Church, but also: the university students, the school groups visiting the Museum, and all the people entering the newspaper office.